Three Lantern Marine & Fishing

By Steve Zelck

Well folks, we’ve known it for a while now, but the season is over. But the sooner we accept it, the sooner we can start looking forward to what the new year will bring. These days, I’m spending more time in a deer stand than I am on the water.

However, that doesn’t for a second mean I don’t miss being out there – after all, you have to think about something while sitting in your deer stand waiting for Bambi to come skipping down the trail. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a few anglers out there chasing tuna. With decent success, a group of the major players have recently been hitting George’s bank and hitting their limit of four within a day or two – came back, unloaded, turned around and went back and got started on round two. Then the fish showed up right in our backyard on the southwest corner of the Stellwagon with plenty of guys getting multiple bites in a day, including Bob Cook from Beverly who runs for Fat Tuna Guide Service. He had several hookups in the twilight of the season and managed to boat his fair share.

John Kusler and Manny Pereira caught this 105-inch tuna while aboard the Fat Tuna (Fat Tuna Guide Service provided by Captain Bob Cook).

I’ll take my deer stand this time of year. For me personally, it’s far too cold and rough out on the water these days. Some may call me a pansy, and I will happily agree – I’m soft and delicate and too old for that cold weather. Give me a nice 90-degree day in July and you’ll only find me on the water.

Back to where I originally started – looking forward to the new year and new season. Reminiscing about 2015, we caught some great fish, but lost just as many. This is the time to ask yourself, what would you do different? What did you learn from your mistakes and the fish you lost? Did you discover a hot, new money hole, or a killer technique? If so, I caution you on who you share it with. With all this in mind, I’m definitely looking forward to this year. Hopefully the striper population will see a slight upswing… and I’m hoping this year’s tuna season will be just as good as last year’s. Hoping for plenty of fish, and consistency so there’s fish for everyone. It’s short, but that’s all I have for this month. With the cold weather, I am taking a small break from fishing, but looking forward to returning. I hope the holidays brought you all plenty of fishing stuff. And if you are patiently waiting for the new season like I am and need more gear, check out Skip at Three Lantern Marine & Fishing. He might not be Santa, but he sure can help you get you what you are looking for.