Timing is Everything

The fishing has been steady on the middle coast, despite the gafstophersons, sail cats, snot sharks, gaftops invading over the last couple of weeks. I’m still catching nice stringers of trout fishing piggies, croakers, or Norton sand eels over grass or shell; but shell has been holding more gaftops lately. We have also had some really low tides lately which in my opinion increased my redfish bite. Instead of fishing right on the shoreline, I’ve been catching better reds on the flats off the shorelines casting mullet, shad, cracked crab, and gold spoons to large sandy potholes.

I also got the chance to go off shore and chase some snaps. On my way down south to run a few charters I get a call from Mike Ramirez.

Me, Hello?

Mark Hays from Houston with the snappers.

Mike, Whats up? Offshore today snappers!

Me, I don’t know bud, I have three three trips in a row I should probably rest a little today. Besides I’m meeting a friend.

Mike, Really? I have to beg you to go offshore?

Mike, Bring Him see you at the dock in two hours, and hangs up.

So I pick up my friend Cliff and we head to the ferry, about the time we get on the ferry I get a text. Meet me at the fuel dock behind the Back Porch. I point at a boat going behind the ferry, that’s our boat! Talk about timing, so I took a picture of “The Roughneck” for Mike. We ran about 35 miles out to a spot without boats on it. We worked snapper slappers tipped with squid and caught some really nice fish 5-10 lbs. Cliff lost a undersized ling at the boat. It was really nice to keep some snappers. Thanks for the invite Mike!

On the way home Cliff says, That was sweet! That’s an awesome boat!

Well, I guess we were at the right place at the right time?


One last thing, I’d like to congratulate my women’s team “The Reel Hot Rods” on their 3rd place stringer and 1st place Red at the Saltwater Sweeties Tournament. Way to go! Jo Lindsey, Amber Fogg, Erin Large, and Shannon Best. The funny thing is we pulled up to that shoreline about 30 mins before another team of lady anglers. Erin caught a 24 1/2”, 21 1/2” and Amber caught a 27 5/8”. Timing is everything you have to be at the right place at the right time, but the thing is if you don’t go you won’t know.

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