Tournament winning 8.8lb bass

caught this 8.8lbs Large mouth Bass in Lake Okeechobee.

My partner and I TJ qualls fish the amphibian big bass tour we had fished all morning through rough waves wind and rain without getting a bite we made a move to run up the consumer River at 10:00 a.m. the way in was at 3:00 p.m. caught his beauty at 1:00 p.m. fishing my grandpa and I secret worm in our secret spot TJ just told me we need to catch a big bass to win this tournament and I said TJ you want to know how to catch a big bass just keep fishing I threw my worm up next to the bank and I said TJ you want a big bass and I set the hook we fought the fish out into the middle of the consumer River and I told him not to get excited getting excited when you lose big bass when I got the fish close I told TJ and that it and he goes net worth all I see is a log I said the log is the fist TJ and that's when the fish turned sideways and he netted the bass and put it in the boat and we both went Mike iaconelli screaming and high-five and I'm pretty sure the people that okatani hurt us all the way up the consumer River we ran back in for the hourly weigh-in and the guy said he finally have a big one I said she's 10 lb if she's an ounce and the owner of fish brain app was there and everybody started taking pictures and it way in time 3:00 p.m. another gentleman who brought in a Bass to wait 8.4 lb and when they said the winner of the tournament is he started walking up to claim his money and they said George Rogers with a 8.8 lb Okeechobee beauty dropped his head and you can see the disappointment in his eyes it was my buddy's first tournament and he was late getting to me to get the boat on the water I called him 13 times and that day we won 13 hundred dollars cash with one $700 and prizes overall we won $2,000 and my buddy's first ever Bass tournament it was a tournament I'll never forget I've been fishing on the lake since I was 8 years old fishing tournaments with my grandfather Mac Russell (R.I.P) we religiously fish the Christian team trail tournament together and he taught me all I know about bass fishing and made me the man I am today I'm miss him tremendously and will never forget the life lessons he taught me fishing on the boat here I thought we were just fishing my whole life but looking back now he was teaching me how to be a man how to have patience and a skill that can put money in my pockets and food on my table

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