Traverse City Fishing Report: May 2016

Hope everyone has a great opening weekend! Rivers are warming up, and water is dropping. Look for the dry fly fishing to start firing up this month in a big way. Hendricksons, stoneflies, black caddis, maybe sulphers by the end of the month if it stays warm.

It’s going to feel really good to bust out the dry fly gear. Streamers are always an integral part of the fly-fishing arsenal especially as the river temps start to climb into the mid-40s to the magic 55 degrees. There is a superabundance of spring foods available for hungry trout, basically a buffet lineup. Chestnut lampreys, sculpins, dace, rainbow trout and a variety of other river minnows are spring spawners making them more available than other times of the year to the brown trout. Simply put, there is a lot of food around.

Look for overcast days or inclement weather patterns for your best chances at getting in on the action. Look for the best dry fly fishing toward the afternoon. This time of year the water will be the warmest especially when it comes to the hendricksons. Don’t overlook the smallmouth, pike, and panfish opportunities this month either. It’s an exciting time of year for anglers get out and enjoy!