Traverse City Fishing Report: March 2017

By: Russ Maddin
(231) 633-6464


There are all sorts of opportunities this month for anglers. For late season pan fishing, there are a few open weeks left in the pike and walleye open season. Steelhead fishing should be heating up by the middle of the month as the days get longer and the melt begins.  March is my split month of being a guide and ice junky. I definitely ride the ice as long as I can.

There’s nothing better than late season perch and gills. Lakes like Portage, Pere Marquette, the Glen’s, and Skegmog are all strong perch lakes that fish well late into the season. Fish will often migrate into the shallower water this time of year so it can pay to stay shallow, 10′-20′, depending on the lake. Minnows and euro tackle prizm stix or Hali jigs with waxworms are about all you need. Even plastics can be deadly this time of year. I also stay on the shallow side for gills. So many times guys blow right past the shallow flats and inside weed edges when in fact they can be jammed in these areas. Anglers can use a variety of jigs and plastics, even flies this time of year with huge results. River or last ice get out and have fun and always stay on top!