Tuna Fishing in Cabo


As most people realize and know, Cabo is known for its great marlin fishing-striped marlin. It is the striped marlin capital of the world and almost all times of the year you can catch marlin. Here they don’t get that big 225-300lb marlin is excellent for that type of marlin. In late July and August we start getting the blues and blacks coming in also which is incredible. What we want to talk about today is tuna. Yellowfin tuna are here by the hundreds. Not too far off the coast of cabo last year there was a 402 pound yellowfin tuna caught.

Tuna are not here year round I am sorry to say. They start arriving in late June, July and by August they are in. So we have the yellowfin coming in on the Pacific side. Normally you find different patches of them, different schools. You can find what we call footballs which are 20-40lb and if you look around you can go to another school and you can find a little bigger maybe 80-100lb. But you can always find the 200-300lb if you go just a little bit out. The smaller ones are normally in closer but if you go a little out you can find the larger and the further out you go you will find some monsters and there are some monsters here. Where the really big tuna normally hang out are over in Gordo Banks, this is outside of San Jose del Cabo which is not far out- about half an hour out of the port-and there you can find big fish. I caught my biggest tuna there at 329lbs so that is a really good place to look for your really big boys.

The different ways of fishing tuna are live bait, you can’t go wrong with live bait, and look for the bird activity or the dolphins jumping. Generally for some reason if you find the birds are working up above and the dolphins that is a really good sign you are going to have some great tuna fishing. So you want to get over there as fast as you can and troll. Once you start trolling you might want to throw in some live bait and it is almost a guarantee you’ll catch some tuna. You want to use a circle hook- Eagle Claw circle hook about a 7/0 model 2004 would be the perfect hook for yellowfin tuna.

So come to Cabo and catch Charles’ favorite – the yellowfin tuna.

Untill the Next Adventure!


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