Fly of the Month: Twisted Whistler

Fly Of The Month
Garner’s Twisted Whistler

We are in the middle of summer, and as we all know, that means hot and humid days when we all remember what summer really feels like since dreaming about it during the winter. Mid-summer on my local water means being on the water either super early or late to beat the heat. In addition to operating on an odd fishing-related sleeping schedule this time of year, I tie up flies I can get deep in the water column and that offer a slightly different action than the fish have been seeing all summer. The twisted whistler is a versatile fly I like to fish in the peak summer months for river stripers on my local waters. Like any other dumbbell-weighted streamer, it is an effective fly on many different types of fish with modification to the hook size and material color. I try to have a brace of these flies in my box in varying colors and weights. Try these out on the bench, and fish them on your water!

  • Hook: Gamakatsu Jig 60 Round Bend 2/0
  • Eyes: Medium Dumbbell
  • Thread: White 120
  • Tail: White Primo Bucktail
  • Body: UV Pearl Predator Wrap, Fl. Yellow Medium Chenille (underbody)
  • Head: Pearl Senyo’s Laser Dub

Garner Reid is a head guide at Cohutta Fishing Company in Cartersville, Ga. He can be reached at or (770) 866-0301.


Garner Reid is head guide at Cohutta Fishing Company in Cartersville, Ga.