Typhoon Sunglasses Review

Typhoon® Harbor II

By Typhoon

Typhoon-Harbor-II-SBThe Typhoon® Harbor polarized sunglass has always been one of Typhoon’s top selling sunglasses. The large frame, classic design and light weight have given it broad appeal.  By popular demand Typhoon has created the Harbor II reader sunglass. The Harbor II features the AquaView II hydrophobic, polarized lens with integrated reading lenses. These sunglasses are extremely popular with fishermen; the magnification is great for tying lines or reading fine print while protecting your eyes from bright sunlight and glare.

Harbor II is available in three lens tints; Sunset Brown, Horizon Grey or Meridian Blue and lens powers of +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5. Typhoon polarized sunglasses are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Typhoon’s AquaView II lens provides these key features:

• Anti-glare Polarization makes seeing into water much clearer

• Hydrophobic Coating

– Repels Water

– Smudge Proof

– Anti-static; prevents dust and dirt build up

• Unbreakable Injected Polycarbonate

• Anti-scratch Coating

• 100% UV Protection

You can get Typhoon® Harbor II today at West Marine or order online at typhoon.com.

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