Vacation Fishing

Summer is a popular time for families to take time out of their daily routines and travel near and far. Whether you are exploring new destinations or visiting relatives, there will most likely be vacation fishing opportunities wherever you are going.

Disney World in Florida for example has long been an icon for families who seek adventure in amusement parks; roller coasters, wet and wild rides, parades and dining all come together within this massive compound. What most people who visit these parks don’t realize is that this massive compound is dotted with hundreds of ponds that are well stocked with fish, most notably bass. You may fish on your own from the many access points or hire a guide for an awesome side adventure.

This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Panama and visit friends as well as to tour the country. While Panama has an abundance of historic sites to visit, it’s also surrounded by both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, which made it easy to take a few days to sample their incredible fishing.

My dad and I chose to chase the elusive rooster fish off the pacific coast, and we joined up with Capt. Dave Murphy in the small town of Boca Chica, Panama. Capt. Dave is formerly from the U.S. (Fla. Keys) and now owns and operates Reel Inn In Panama as a fishing guide service.

Vacation Fishing For Rooster Fish

Rooster fish inhabit the shallower waters of the Pacific, mostly around the rock outcroppings that protrude from the ocean floor. Our day started by filling the livewell with large blue runners we caught on sabikis. We headed to the first fishing spot and set two live baits out behind the boat. As we slow trolled the blue runners around this large rock outcropping, it became apparent just how far away from my home waters I was. The natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean is stunning.

vacation fishing for rooster fish

Within 40 minutes, line began to peel off one of the TLD 20s. After letting it eat for several seconds, I came tight on the fish and the rod doubled over. This fish had the tenacity of an amberjack and the running speed of a kingfish. After a long 20 minute battle, I landed a 50-plus-pound rooster fish. It was awesome!

Two more days of fishing produced a total of four rooster fish and an experience of a lifetime. Capt. Dave Murphy provided lodging with first class service and a top-notch fishing experience. He can be reached through his website

Cory Gurman is a student at Ponte Vedra High School in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Besides reveling in the great outdoors, Cory enjoys spending time with his three golden retrievers and rooting for the Atlanta Braves. Follow him on Instagram @fishhunter1119.

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