Venice Fishing Forecast: March 2013

Let’s be honest, March is usually not on the top of anyones favorite month to fish. March is known as the transition month where the bait hasn’t moved in yet and the fish are not as active due to cold temp. Also strong winds and low water makes trout fishing inconsistent. Until it starts to warm up my main focus is still on redfish.

The Miss. River is at 10.6 and falling. This is going to create more areas with cleaner water. The redfish are going to be sitting on points and along the canes. Anywhere you see a color change in the water, redfish will be close by. Whenever we get to a spot such as a point, I like to start fishing about 75/50 yards out. The marsh erodes away there but there is still stubble underneath the water further out which can hold fish.

Redfish Bay, Garden Isle Bay, South Pass are usually your most consistent spots this time of year. The majority of the time I’m throwing a popping cork with either gulp, chicken on a chain, or tsunami shrimp. I always like to tip it with shrimp to get a little advantage.

Be careful navigating down the Miss. River. The high river picks up a lot of debris that could cause serious damage or injury.

Come make your own fish story to tell!

Capt. Dustin Bounds
(601) 590-3642