Venice Fishing Forecast: November

What an unbelievable October we have had. The red fishing has been awesome this fall and I don’t see November being much different. SW Pass has been on fire, producing limits of reds on almost a daily basis. Last week they were so thick when you would reel one in there would be 5 reds following along with it. When they’re thick like that they’ll hit anything. We mostly threw Gulps and dead shrimp. A couple of times we caught one on bare hooks…nothing like fishing of credit!

If your not looking to burn much gas Baptiste Collete has been hot as well. Trolling along the bank soon as you enter has produced some nice reds and flounder. We have been trowing gulps, crankbaits, rattle traps, but they seem to hit dead shrimp best.

The trout haven’t quite made it to the River yet. It won’t be long until you’ll see them in the Jump, Diversion and Main Pass. When the temperature drops a few more degrees they should move into the deep holes. Live bait works the best, but DOA, Matrix shad and Opening night have all had proven success.

October and November is the perfect time to load up on flounder. We have been catching them in the ditches and flats in the Spillways and in Baptiste Collete. Come make your own fish story to tell!