Venice Fishing Forecast: Sept 2013

The redfish are abundant in Venice this time of year!
The redfish are abundant in Venice this time of year!

We were so close to being in our Fall pattern. The River was at 4ft and clear as can be. Now we have a little rise so it will be a few more weeks until the fish have moved in. As the river gets lower the reds move further in giving you plenty of places to fish. SW Pass, Joseph’s Bayou, and the spillways are good areas to target from now until the end of the year. Using soft plastics tipped with shrimp or just straight shrimp on bottom is usually the ticket for some nice reds.

If your looking to fight some bull reds the east and west sides of the jetties at SW Pass should provide plenty of action. Even though the rock jetties have been rebuilt and some areas have been blocked off there are still plenty of good spots to choose from on the inside of the jetties.

If your not looking to make the long run down river there are plenty of spots in the river just south of the jump that should produce some quality reds. Fish the outside of the spill-outs on both east and west side before you get to the diversion. Throw deep running crank-baits and rattle traps toward the rocks. As long as the river stays down the reds will be holding against the rocks the rest of the year.Venice

Fall fishing in Venice offers some of the best fishing around. Don’t miss out on all the action!