Venice Inshore: August 2014

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e’re rolling into the hot summer days, but that hasn’t stopped the fish from coming into the boat. The Mississippi River is at 6.8 and falling, but the river is still not cleaning up just yet. In another few weeks, we should be able to see it begin to green up. The redfish have been pretty consistent, with anglers reaching limits on almost a daily basis. Another consistent factor for us is thunderstorms. It seems like every other day we are running from a lightning storm. It helps to know where the facilities are, just in case you need to run for cover. The facility and the end of Pas O Lutre has saved us many a time. There are many spread across the Venice area that can act as quick cover.

Redfish have been plentiful this season. Points and pockets have seemed to be the ticket lately. Sometimes, we’ll have to jump point to point until we find them. Poppin corks, spoons, and beetle spins are tough for the reds to resist. It always helps to carry dead shrimp, as well. Cruising reds react to flash and movement, but in murky water, it helps to give them something to smell.

Trout have still been inconsistent tis season. Breton sound has been one of the most targeted areas. You might have to keep bouncing from rig to rig. Live shrimp, Carolina rigged, or under a sliding cork.

Come make your own fish story to tell!

Capt. Dustin Bounds