Venice Inshore Fishing Forecast: Aug 2013

This has been one of the best springs we’ve had in a long time. The high river has concentrated the reds to certain areas in massive numbers. We have had numerous 100-plus catches this year.
The Miss. River is around 10 feet, and looks to be falling fast. Soon the fish will be moving closer to the River. For now, you still want to target the outer bays and points. Points with broken marsh and the ends of canals make great places to start. Instead of running right up to the point, I like to start about 100 yards out and sometimes even further.

Even though storms and tides have washed away part of the canes, they are still there underneath the surface. These sunken canes usually hold plenty of bait, drawing in the trout. You might have to move from point to point, but the trout are usually there.

The rigs have been hit or miss, but usually as good of an opportunity as any place else. Main Pass Rigs and Block 69 rigs have been effective this year. Live shrimp is essential this time of year. Trout will still hit plastic, but your success rate will be much higher.

Come make your own fish story to tell!