Venice Inshore Fishing Forecast: May 2013

In case you couldn’t tell it is now spring.  We have set some record cold temperatures in April but that still hasn’t stopped the redfish from biting.  The specks however have been fairly absent so far. We need it to warm up a little more for them to move in on the flats for their spawn.

The Miss. River is at 7.4 and rising. With all the snow and rain up north it could get very high.  One problem we’ve had lately is 20+mph wind. The good thing about Venice  is there are always places to hide.  Always know your wind direction and use that as you plan your trip.  On a recent trip we had a NE wind of 25mph +, seemed like every guide boat was stacked up in the pockets on the west side.  Every pocket we pulled in had fish in them. Even though there wasn’t any tide movement the wind was pushing the water through the canes giving us enough water flow for a good redfish bite.  Bait of choice lately has been dead shrimp. The water had been muddy most of the year and since it’s hard for the reds to see the bait they will need to smell it.

Don’t forget about SW Pass. Bull reds can be found there all year long but with the low river you should be able to find them on the inside and in the spillways. They won’t be as thick as they are in the fall but there will be plenty for the taking.


Come make your own fish story to tell!

Capt. Dustin Bounds