Venice Inshore October Forecast

This is the time of the year we have all been waiting for. The Miss. River is at 3.2 and the redfish have begun to move into the passes and the River. We haven’t been exactly destroying the redfish yet, but we are catching limits of good fish. We had a rise in the River recently and that seemed to have thrown the fish off a bit. But it wont be long until they get THICK! SW Pass, SE Pass, Baptiste Colette, S Pass. Are going to be loaded. Any cuts or ditches you see with good water depth and movement will hold fish.

If your not looking to make the long run down river there are plenty of spots in the river just south of the jump that should produce some quality reds. Fish the outside of the spillouts on both east and west side before you get to the diversion.

Throw deep running crankbaits and rattle traps toward the rocks. As long as the river stays down the reds will be holding against the rocks the rest of the year.

The trout are still offshore, but it won’t be long before they start moving to the inside. As they make their way to the inside fish them like it’s spring. They will be moving in on the flats and beaches before they come into the River. Live bait is usually your best option. Opening night, Matrix shad, chicken on a chain are good plastic options. Once they get inside the jump, cubits gap, the diversion will all be loaded with trout before you know it.

Fishing in Venice LA offers the hottest bite around. Don’t miss out on all the action!

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Capt. Dustin Bounds