Vintage Gear


by Dick Braun Dad’s Old Tackle Box

Well, we’re starting a brand new year of hunting for that treasured reel, rod or lure that is just waiting to be found; waiting for us Vintage Fishing Tackle collectors to stumble across it.  Garage, yard, estate, pawn shops; you name it and it might be there, you just have to look for it. The 2nd largest Vintage Tackle show in the world is scheduled for next month at Daytona Beach, Fl., Feb 22 & 23.  As usual it will take place at Plaza Resort & Spa, 600 North Atlantic Ave. The show is open to the public Friday 11am-4pm and Sat. 9am-3pm.  This is a 1 day trip with an early start from around here, PG – 4 1/2 hrs. FM 5hr. Naples about 5 1/2 hrs. so if you start around 6am, or a little later depending on your starting point, you’re there either day when it opens and back home in time for bed that evening.

There are 350 8ft tables filled with anything and everything that has to do with vintage tackle and is either on display or for sale, some of our show members have both. Looking for that special vintage fishing item?  It most likely will be at the Daytona show.  Put a car load of fishing friends together and make plans to attend, you won’t be disappointed. This past fall, Lang’s held their big auction and again it was a huge success with one lure bringing a bid of $25,000.00 before the gavel fell with a SOLD and a lot of hand clapping.  There were well over 1000 lots sold; some high bringing in thousands of dollars, some low below 50.00, some bringing hundreds. On the eBay site here is what some of the items sold for in the Vintage Collectable rods, reels, and lures. One fly rod ended at $5950.00, Mitchell 508 rod/reel combo $784.99, Salt Water 1pc rod $632.00. The pun “Hot Rods” right now seems to be vintage Fly Rods in Bamboo.

Reels – Arthur Kovalousky hand built 16/0 reel sold for $9236.77, Mitchell 408DL $3380.85, another Mitchell 300DL from 1974 sold $2600.00. A Milam and 2 Meek reels sold for over $2500 ea., Zebco 150th Anniv Brunswick rod/reel sold for $1998.00.

Lures – A Charmer in the box brought $4975.00, a Heddon Wood Lure Box (no lure) sold for $4500.00, another Heddon empty wood box sold for $3938.88, SouthBend Truck Oreno fetched $3435.00 in the winning bid, Storm Wiggle Wart V22 sold for $2475.00. There were a total of 52 lures that all sold for over $1000.00 each when the auction ended.  Pictures of each are shown in the sold section of eBay.

Vintage “Arthur Kovalovsky, Hand Made” 16/0 Big Game Reel sold for $9,236.77 on 11/11/2018.
Vintage Creek Chub Weedless Wood fishing lure in box sold for $419 on 12/9/18.
Vintage Orvis: Vintage Orvis Impregnated Bamboo Fly Rod Battenkill, 8’ sold for $410, 12/9/18.
It’s out there folks, you just need to find it.  Until next month and a Happy Hunting New Year to all.  Dad’s old Tackle Box bids you fair looking for now. Until next month,  Dick Braun, FATC, 941-661-7187.
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