Watch the Arrow Fly Close to Home


You’ve got to love the cold brisk mornings of fall. Climbing up that tree with the anticipation of shooting a big buck with your bow while thanking God and watching the colorful leaves fall. Yes, it’s that time of year again when you hear a sudden noise, and you slowly turn around only to see a squirrel coming right at you.

Hopefully, you’ve been scouting for your hunting spot all year long, and you know exactly where that big boy beds down, drinks, sleeps and eats. If not and you’re sitting a home after work with a cold beer wondering how the heck you’re going to land that big buck this year I have a few suggestions on finding that perfect hunting spot.

What’s around you? Most days when you get off work you don’t have time to travel a few hours away to hunt. You have to hunt by the house. Do you have any farmers around you? Try asking them if you can hunt their property. Sometimes a simple offer to help them cut firewood or help around the farm for free in exchange for some time on their property works. Another idea is to ask your wife or girlfriend to make a big batch of cookies or brownies for that farmer. What guy doesn’t like a good snack? Come on now!

Go to state ground. On the state property, find your funnels and pinch points. You know that a big buck isn’t going to come right out in the open real fast. So find traffic areas where you see four or more traffic lanes coming through. Why settle for just one path? Find where you have movement, and you’ll see more deer. And don’t just sit right on the funnel area. Sit back 20 yards or so, cut your shooting lanes, and watch the arrow fly.