Water Temps

By: Capt. Dave Stephens

Well fellow anglers, we survived the deep freeze over the holiday season. Then we had the warmest New Years in a very long time. Yes, this plays a big part into why our fishing has been up and down. Our water temps play a very big role in where our fish are, and what their eating. The perfect scenario for this time of year would be mid 50’s in the morning, warming to mid 70’s during the day. What makes our fishery so tough, is the inconsistency. Our fish like a consistent water temp, whether it’s cool or warm. If we continue to have mild cold fronts passing through, we could have some great sheepshead fishing. This is the time of year when these guys school up to spawn. Cooler water temps also play a big role in when they begin to spawn. Look for these well-known bait thieves to start schooling around areas with lots of food. Some of the best places are docks with lots of oyster and barnacles, the older the dock normally is better. Also, deep cuts in the mangroves with hard bottom will hold good numbers of spawning fish. For the guys that can fish nearshore, there’s plenty of good sheepshead fishing. These guys will move out to the near shore reefs to spawn. Let’s talk baits, well any crustaceans will work. Your best all-around bait is shrimp. Everything eats these little tasty critters. Just remember to keep contact with the bottom, and there’s a reason why they have black and white stripes.

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