With WaterBlock™ You Need Never Fear Water Again

We’ve all been there, holding our breath when the rain begins to fall, hoping we can end the call and get the cell phone into our pocket before it’s destroyed. Or we have watched in stunned silence as a friend gets tossed into the swimming pool with a new smartphone in his pocket. Bathtubs, toilets, and washing machines, even drink spills—they all destroy electronics.

HzO’s WaterBlock™ allows you talk on your phone while in your Jacuzzi., to listen to your iPod while lounging in the pool, or to rock out while waterskiing. HzO’s WaterBlock™ technology is applied directly to the important electronic circuitry on the inside of the device. This allows the device itself to remain completely unchanged on the outside, while wrapping the critical components on the inside in a protective, thin film layer that adds no bulk or weight. WaterBlock is applied during the manufacturing process. For the consumer, this means protection from water and other liquids with no aftermarket costs or hassle, and with the manufacturer’s warranty intact.

WaterBlock™ is not only hydrophobic, but also 100 times thicker than water-resistant coatings applied by other companies. This means that WaterBlock™ not only repels water, but also provides a chemically bonded, unbreakable barrier between the water and the important electronic components of the device—allowing water to go inside, while leaving your device in perfect, working condition.

Like the great innovators before them, the scientists at HzO looked at their problem of protecting valuable electronics from a different perspective. While most were trying to protect devices from the outside, HzO took up the challenge from the inside out. The secret, they discovered, was a proprietary technology that blocks out moisture without interrupting electronics. They succeeded! HzO’s WaterBlock™ is a thin film nano-coating that provides a near invisible layer of protection over vital electronic circuitry. Clear and nearly non-detectable, WaterBlock™ is uniformly applied, is insoluble and safe, wrapping itself around every nook and cranny (yes, nook and cranny are technical terms) of a device’s components and providing water blocking and corrosive protection without disrupting performance or the original appearance.

When applied to clean, moisture-free surfaces, including plastic, metal, and ceramic, WaterBlock™ by HzO is transparent and creates a finish that doesn’t disrupt aesthetics. Until you need it, you may not even know it’s there. WaterBlock™ resists splashes, humidity, spills, body moisture – even submersion, depending on the degree of WaterBlock™ applied and the depth of submersion. So when accidents happen, WaterBlock™ keeps devices working.

For more information about HzO and its innovative WaterBlock™ technology, please contact Yolanda Taylor at (202) 737-5339 or [email protected].

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