Welcome to the July Issue

Welcome to the July issue of Coastal Angler Magazine’s Okeechobee edition. With summer in full swing we find ourselves planning our outdoor events and activities around the afternoon’s heat and humidity. Whether fishing, hiking, horseback riding, or just playing in the backyard, we must protect ourselves and the kids from dehydration and sun burn. The best way to beat the heat is to plan outdoor activities for the early morning hours, have plenty of water available, and seek shade in the afternoons. If you find yourself out in the hot afternoon sun, be sure to wear loose fitting light colored clothes, a wide brimmed hat, and sunglasses.

As for the local outdoor community calendar this month, other than the July 4th celebrations, the Caladium Festival in Lake Placid, and a few other events, most activities turn towards the indoors to help us beat the summer heat.

This month’s fishing on the local lakes and rivers still should be good though do start early and be mindful of fast moving thunderstorms. Being June and July are heavy rain months, targeting active spillways and culvert pipe discharges should help improve your chances as fish tend to be attracted to the oxygenated water and easy foraging in the flowing water.

The summer is also a good opportunity to get some saltwater or inland water fishing done. As our cover page and the associated story on southwest Florida’s American Red Snapper tells us, Okeechobee and the nearby counties are blessed with quick access to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, so take advantage while you can.

Until next month, stay cool, hydrate yourself, and enjoy the great outdoors.