A Fresh Look December 2015 Fishing Report

Hal Abshire and his wife Lynn with the first Bass Boat she ever bought him.
Hal Abshire and his wife Lynn with the first Bass Boat she ever bought him.

What to get your angler for Christmas?

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat to get the angler that has everything? That is a question many of us get to hear every year. Well let me try to give you some suggestions that might make that angler very happy to see what is under their Christmas tree this year!

If you are looking for great stocking stuffers, I would suggest gift cards like Bass Pro Shops or gas cards to help fill up the boat. You can never go wrong with a gift card. It allows the angler to get what they need. Hey, it works for my Wife and me! If I get a gift card that means she is going with me so she gets to go shopping while I am getting my fishing gear. Sound familiar?

Sunglasses, every angler and boater needs a great pair of sunglasses. Just as a reminder, you will want to buy sunglasses that are polarized. Sunglasses are a must for me both on and off the water. I would choose Flying Fisherman Sunglasses. They are affordable and polarized eyewear. They eliminate glare, provide deeper penetration through the water and reduce eye strain as well. Go to www.flyingfisherman.com or call 800-335-93474 for more information.

There is nothing better than seeing something wrapped that can’t be found under the tree but only next to it. I am talking fishing rods and reels. I would highly recommend Lew’s. Lew’s makes great Bass and Crappie rods and reels for anglers. Lew’s also has an awesome program to give back to our Military Veterans especially our wounded Veterans. It is called The Military Hero Series which comes in both casting and spinning gear. A portion of their profits from this series goes back to organizations that have a fishing element that supports Veterans to get back in to fishing! What a great gift this would be, the one that really gives back. I know this program by personally working with Gary Remensnyder, President of Lew’s who supported the Warriors On the Water event. Go to www.lews.com for more information.

If your angler owns a boat, why not think of calling a dealership and asking if you can either do winterization or a tune up on their boat to have them ready for the New Year. You can even set up the appointment after Christmas so that all your boater has to do is to take it in. What a great gift card this would make for any boater. I would suggest Angler’s Choice that has three dealerships who could take care of all your needs. This might be the right time since it is the end of the year to think about purchasing a new or a good used boat as well. Wow, what a great Christmas present that would be. I know I asked for a bass boat every year when we first got married and then Santa finally gave in. Check out the picture below and you will see my first bass boat from my wife for Christmas. Yes, it’s a Tonka Toy bass boat rig. I just knew that I was getting a real bass boat that year! Go to www.anglerschoicemarine.com or 866 572-8145 for farther information.

If you need to pick up some fishing items to help finish up your shopping, I would suggest going to Riverside Bait and Tackle, Fayetteville, NC. Brian Slesinski, Army Veteran and Owner will be more than glad to help you with your angler’s wish list. Brian says that he has some great Christmas deals on Penn Battle Spinning rod and reels, Captain Gary’s Products, Deep Creek baits and has Flying Fisherman sunglasses and much more. If you don’t have an ideal what to get your angler, then let Brian and his team of elves help to make your angler’s Christmas a good one! For more information call 910 568-3071.

Hope that this information will help everyone with their Christmas shopping? From my family to yours, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you on the water,
Hal Abshire