WIND with Cassie Riner

Wind with Cassie RinerA good sportsman respects other anglers, the resource, and the tradition of the anglers that came before by being courteous and respectful on the water. For many, fishing etiquette will come as second nature, but then there are those few that you just want to say a few inappropriate words to at times.

After watching over and over again, Boaters please be respectful of other Boaters around you especially at the boat ramps. Best advice is if you are not ready don’t get in line to back in your boat. Pull off to the side out of the way and load your boat, make sure plugs are in and be ready to unload your boat. Don’t be a ramp hog and take up two lanes. A lot of marinas have multiple lanes, but no define dividers. I cannot stress how much Boaters need to turn off your headlights when backing down the ramp! Try to back a boat trailer with someone’s headlights blinding you, basically impossible. As soon as, your vehicle goes into reverse, turn off your headlights so people backing in will be able to see. Assuming most Boaters, well Anglers, are launching in the before safe day light hours. And boat ramps on tournament days are extremely busy. Anglers will be everywhere and moving in a fast pace and tempers will flare if you do any of these things. Don’t park so close you can’t get into your maneuver your own vehicle and trailer or the guy next your cant. If the parking lot is empty give everyone some space still. Most anglers are not that patient to wait on weekend Boaters that are not used to the fast paced, be ready, and thoughtful of others at ramps. As boaters or anglers we should all aware of these simple considerate unpublished rules of a boat ramp. We’re all on the same team, so try to be considerate of others around you.

After watching over and over again, Boat ramps are just the beginning and once you’re on the water there are unwritten simple rules as well. Basically, if you don’t want someone running their boat being inconsiderate to you, don’t be doing it to another boater. Some of the common on the water etiquette. Pay attention to the wake though areas that have no-wake zones. If you are in close proximity to recreational anglers and kayakers pay attention and reduce your speed to show respect and not cut them off. Also, as anglers we use the term “Don’t Be A Pot Licker” and every angler knows what this means. Be respectful of other anglers and don’t run in on them when they are catching fish. This is something that has become particularly aggravated when new anglers come along and come in where anglers have grinding out the hours it takes to find good fishing locations. Be respectful don’t come so close distance within another angler unless you’re waved in or told ok to pass. Just keep a distance from other boaters and pay attention. Another big tip is to keep in mind this is a recreational sport, hobby or even family time to enjoy so be courteous of the environment and keep your trash in the boat not in the water. This also goes for old fishing line. Bag your trash, keep it picked up off the boat so it don’t just blow out when you’re running.

Just remember as frustrating as some boaters can be, maybe they just have not been educated on the simple unwritten rules at the ramp or on the water. And if you are remember how you act at the ramps or on the water affects how people identify you. So, be safe and respectful of others.

Good Luck Hunting Them Trophy’s and Safe Adventures,
Cassie Riner, Pro Angler’