WIND with Cassie Willis

Wind with Cassie RinerSummer has kicked off and Surf Fishing is back in action. Surf fishing is known for annual run of good speckled trout fishing along Texas beach fronts. However, anglers looking to wade the surf, piers and jetties will find more than just trout including redfish, Spanish mackerel, jacks, ladyfish, and tarpon during the summer months up and down the Texas coast. No matter what part of the Texas coast you’re fishing, passes, “cut,” or any vein that provides water exchange between a bay and the open Gulf is the best areas to fish.

Be sure to always look at the weather forecast, surf cams, tide chart, and wave height predictions. As well as, the looking at the wind and wave heights to calm a bit. I personally use the Surfcams. Saltwater Recon is one you can use for Galveston. It’s a great way to look at the marine forecast. But to always be safe way you can use the National Data Buoy Center Website.

When fishing the surf in the mornings, evening or night remember to fish the first gut is the best choice. This gut is where most bait fish so most predator fish cruise down the gut. The morning bite will usually last an hour after sunrise and then move back into deeper water. During the lowlight period, louder topwaters are heard over the sound of the waves and results are more productive. Darker colors provide a silhouette in the morning. Soft-plastic baits can produce a vibration which attract fish as well. But be sure to let the plastic go to the bottom of the gut and work it to the top. Once the sun comes up and its bright out try changing the color to chrome and choice a lure that would give a reflective flash in the water. The chrome and blue super spook is one of my favorite to use in the surf. Silver and gold spoons are always a good choice as well. There are many choices to choose from so go with what you are comfortable with using.

Always remember that safety is the first precaution and with the warmer months the stingrays are more abundance, jellyfish and sharks, so be sure to shuffle your feet and keep your stringers tied with a slip knot for easy access to release and way from your body.

Don’t forget to register for the CCA STAR Tournament!

Good Luck Hunting Them Trophy’s and Safe Adventures,
Cassie Willis, Pro Angler’