Winter Fishing In Miami’s Biscayne Bay

Late January and February are the coldest months for us in Miami, Florida. There are going to be days of blue bird skies calm conditions for several days, and then we can have those typical cold front days where the winds increase and water temperatures drop.

Fishing patterns are consistently changing in the winter and what worked for you one day may not work for you the next. We have many days of shifting wind directions and water temperature changes, and at times, pushing are flats species to deeper water where the bottom temps are usually warmer. This typically pertains to Bonefish and Permit.

Instead of looking for them in a foot of water, they might be anywhere between three to five feet of water.  Tides are also a big factor when looking for wintertime bonefish. Bonefish like to move at both stages of the tides, but at times they prefer one to the other on any given day.  Shrimp and flies are your best bet this time of year, as well as a 1/8 to ¼ ounce skimmer jig in white, tan, and brown work great at schooling fish.

February is also great for a variety of different species if bone fishing is not your thing. There are plenty of other species to target. From sea trout, barracuda, grouper, Shark, Jacks, snapper, mackerel and Tarpon.

I get many trips this time of year where I have many anglers just in town for a day.From Business people in town for a meeting, as well as family’s that wants to get a quick half-day of fishaing in.  One of my favorite fish to target on a quick half-day trip is barracuda. They are a blast on light tackle and they scream drag, jump and pull hard. Barracuda are definitely a under rated game fish. I like to use artificial baits for catching barracuda that mimic a needlefish or bait fish patter. Fast retrieves are the key to getting the bite when looking for barracudas on the flats.

Biscayne Bay has plenty to offer and February is a great time to fish for a variety of species.  And if your looking to book a trip, please visit my website or you can give me a call anytime.


Capt. Raul Montoro

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