Winter is at our Doorstep

By: Joe Sheaffer

It is time to prepare ourselves, our equipment and our mindset. There are definite changes that are taking place as winter pushes on us. Colder temps, lower water, fish behavior and shorter windows to name a few. Taking the time to plan and prepare for these changes can make for an easier transition for fishing the next few months here in SWFL. Here is a checklist of things that can be helpful for the seasonal change.

1. Temperature, water and air temps will cool and these can and will affect us and the fish. We will need to dress in layers as it will be cooler in the morning but warm as the sun comes up. Having the proper attire on can make for a more comfortable experience on the water. Early to rise may not be the best strategy for fishing. Fish are lethargic in colder water and many times tend to be more aggressive as the day and water warms.

2. Finding Fish, the colder temperatures will force our inshore species to adapt to different areas and feeding patterns. We will need to adjust where we look for fish and how we fish for them. Many of our species will look for deeper and more stable water temperatures.

3. Presentations, once again fish will adjust their behaviors in colder water, so we will need to adjust the way we fish for them. Slower presentations can be more effective during this time of year.

4. Equipment, we may be using different fishing strategies, we may need to adjust or modify our equipment to make certain presentations.

5. Shorter Windows, the amount of daylight in a given day is shorter, our fishing windows may need to be adjusted.

These are few things to consider as winter arrives, preparing for these changes can be helpful as we transition. Good luck and Keep Casting.