Yamaha To Debut Hydrogen Outboard At Miami Boat Show

Yamaha recently announced that it will exhibit a prototype hydrogen-powered outboard motor at the Miami International Boat Show to be held Feb. 14-18.

This new technology is part of what the company calls a multi-directional development approach to achieve carbon neutrality in emissions by 2050. Along with electrification efforts, Yamaha is looking to other new energy sources and technologies, according to a press release.

Details on the hydrogen engine are extremely limited, but a primary benefit of hydrogen as a fuel source is it burns cleanly. When hydrogen burns, it combines with oxygen, and creates water. So theoretically, a hydrogen engine would emit water or water vapor as exhaust instead of the carbon dioxide emitted by gasoline-powered engines.

“Marine products run through water and are thus subjected to water resistance, requiring significantly more energy for propulsion than land vehicles,” reads a Yamaha press release. “Additionally, the performance and engineering requirements for marine products can vary widely depending on the usage environment-such as the ocean, rivers, or lakes-as well as the usage itself, from commercial fishing to recreation.”

For more information, see https://global.yamaha-motor.com/news/2023/1207/proto-obm.html

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