Youth Fishing Tips

Grace Gillis

Several times a year my dad takes my sister (Gabie) and I fishing on one of the large fishing boats out of bayside marina. Our most recent trip I caught two fish on a Chicken Rig with Bonita strips. There must have been sharks on the bottom because the fish I caught were Remoras. To set up the Chicken Rig, first, release the line into the water, continue releasing the line until you feel it slack. When the line slacks it means that the Chicken Rig has reached the bottom. Next, reel it up three times up off of the bottom. Lastly, wait until the fish bites.

Several people on our boat caught Mutton Snappers, Yellow Tails, and Grunt. They were using jigs or the same Chicken Rig set up that I was.

On the back of the boat we attempted to troll. We were using Penn boat rods and old Senator reels.  One of the most well made and reliable reels of all time.

On my second attempt trolling between stops I was using Ballyhoo. We all of a sudden heard the line being taken away by what must have been a huge fish, probably a Marlin or Sailfish, but by the time we yelled “fish on” it had taken about three-quarters of the spool. Sadly, this giant fish got away.

Until next time, Tight Lines to you all!

Grace Gillis

President, Lamar Loius Curry

Middle School Fishing Club