Youth Report

Recently, I have been fishing more in freshwater then saltwater. What I have mainly been catching is Largemouth Bass and the occasional Peacock Bass. The Largemouth’s I have been bringing in are around 20 inches and the biggest one I have caught and released was 24 inches. We have been using weighted hooks with Burkley PowerBait Power Worm Soft Bait in black with blue fleck 10 inches long to catch these massive bass. The hooks that I used are the Mustad Ultra Point KVD Weighted Swimbait Hook. Where I have been finding these fish are around weeds, tall cat tails, and occasionally they can be seen feeding on small fish close to the drop off. The reel I have been using is the Quantum pulse reel.

The Peacock Bass are very finicky eaters and can be spooked easily. To catch this fish it takes a lot of patience and hard work. But once they make the bite it’s a fun and amazing battle. I used the same hook for this illusive fish as I did for the Largemouth Bass. But I did change the bait to a more natural colored plastic worm. The worms that I used are the Berkley PowerBait Power Worms in the color Black. Early mornings, early evenings before sundown, and right before a midday rain storm are the only times I have been successful with bites from either off these fish.
Grace Gillis

President, Lamar Louise Curry

Middle School Fishing Club