Kayak Fishing

Fresh and Saltwater Kayaking
Kayak fishing is a sport that has surged in worldwide popularity over the past decade. It’s no really no wonder why; kayaks are economical, great for fishing, and can easily be transported to even the most difficult to reach fisheries.


  • Kayak Fishing with John Donohue


    Kayak Fishing On A Budget

    "Professional" anglers always have the best, latest and greatest fishing equipment available. If you browse any retail outlet for fishing gear you will find tons of items ranging from...

    Apalachicola Bay01

    Fishing Apalachicola Bay From A Kayak

    Apalachicola Bay has redfish in abundance, and plenty of trout to go along with them.

    JD found a bunch of redfish buried in the trees.

    On The Water With Hobie

    Earlier this summer, the Lee County Visitor Bureau invited Hobie Kayaks and several of the country’s leading outdoor writers to experience the stellar kayak fishing that southwest Florida’s Sanibel...


    Getting Offshore in a Kayak

    Landing a large game fish from a 13 foot kayak is what dreams are made of, but launching and landing in the surf or paddling through an inlet can...

    JuneBait-box-1024x648 (1)

    Bass Baits for the Kayak Angler

    While you may feel you are limited in the amount of space you have to carry tackle in your kayak your "go to" baits are limited only to your...


    Adventure Angling Q and A: “Ask the experts, then try Gary.”

    As a public service, I’ve decided to respond with answers to the most frequently asked questions about wade and kayak fishing...

    On the Water With Hobie2

    Cash In On The Summer Topwater Blitz

    My alarm rattles me out of bed a bit earlier this time of year. I want to make sure I do not miss the best bite of the day,...


    Fishing for Springtime Reds from Your Kayak!

    Well, spring is here again and all you can read about is the upcoming fishing season and all the new great tactics to use for fishing this time of...