Mickey’s Oneida Lake Report

The Oneida Lake ice fishing season is off to a good start. Big Bay is producing plenty of Sunfish and Bluegill action. Skilled anglers find that size # 10 and #12 ice jigs tipped with spikes, mousies or wax worms is what it takes. It’s also helpful when a light action ice fishing rod is used sporting a reel with 2lb test line. Most lines marked as 2lb test are actually closer to 4lb in strength.

The true measure of a lines breaking point is the actual diameter of the line, not what is stated on the box as pound test. Keep in mind, lighter test line can sometimes make the difference between catching and not catching. Why do manufactures under rate line test? It’s simple; They don’t know how long a box of fishing line has been sitting on some store shelf. Fishing line can deteriorate over time. So remember, when you buy a fresh box of 4lb test its more apt to be 6lb in actual strength. This is something all fisherman should be aware of. Fly anglers go by diameter, and for this reason they have a more accurate means of measurement.

If it’s Walleyed Pike you are after, try using a #7 gold jigging Rapala tipped with half a buckeye minnow. Gold seems to be a good color for imitating the Round Gobi. Lewis Point is now accessible for ice anglers. There are reports of Walleye and perch coming to jigging spoons tipped with buckeye minnows; Try bouncing them directly on bottom.

As of this writing, it looks like we are in for a weeks worth of above freezing temperatures mixed with rain. Right now there areas of Oneida Lake with open water. Extreme caution is advised when venturing forth.
Learn how to tie a tungsten ice fly on or YouTube channel “bucktailjig”