Oswego Report and Forecast

By Robert Mallory

We are into the heart of winter but with the constant freezing, thawing, and rains it is still possible to catch steelhead and brown trout in Oswego. The water has been high and off color for quite some time but people are still catching brown trout on jig heads with fathead minnows under a float behind the hotels as well as on white marabou jigs under a float.

Farther up the river towards the dam, steelhead can be taken on spawn bags under a float – although with the big water your best bet would be to book a driftboat trip with one of the guides who routinely work the Oswego River for your best shot at success.

High water and cold temps can make wading dangerous. If you do decide to give it a try yourself you will likely need to add more weight to get your offering close to the bottom. In a few short months it will be time to think about trolling the near shore waters for brown trout as spring gets under way. This can be accomplished without much specialized trolling equipment.

A few rods and reels, a small selection of spoons and shallow running stickbaits like rapalas, and a set of inline planer boards will get you in the game.