Big Bend Kayak Classic


By Captain Mike McNamara

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his month I want to share a kayak fishing story that involves Meals on Wheels. It sounds like a strange combination, but hopefully that is why this story is intriguing. Several years ago, the kayak community of the Big Bend came together once a year to have a little fishing tournament, among friends. With the help of a dude named Jeff Suber, a kind hearted fella, and a few close friends, a charity kayak fishing tournament was born. The noted charity is Meals on Wheels of Wakulla County. After several successful years, the kind hearted Suber retired, and last year the Wakulla Senior Center took over production. The new tournament committee is made up of local kayakers, senior center staff and business owners. All are committed to providing the best kayak fishing tournament in the Big Bend, and more importantly, serve the hungry with meals, every day.

Now that the scene is set, I am assuming that if you are reading this story, you are a kayak fishing person, or at least a wannabe. If that is the case, let me introduce the 2014 Big Bend Kayak Classic to you. This year’s event will be held May 3, and Wakulla County is the home base for the operation. For more information visit the Big Bend Kayak Classic homepage online or on Facebook.


Now, let me set the stage as a kayak angler in the Big Bend. It could be possible that my vision of Big Bend kayak fishers is bias, but I see our peers as a spectacular diverse group of folks that love to fish. Add to the mix a true sense of charity, and the warm feeling of the tournament will be overwhelming. Do not get me wrong, this is a fishing tournament, and the competition will be fierce, as this tournament will attract the best kayak anglers from several states. If you are worthy to compete with the best of the best, this is the place to bring your A game. If competition seems to not be your thing, then please come as you are, and learn from the best. Some folks will win big money and prizes, and everyone else will win by being part of the kayak fishing community.

The tournament is a two day event, with a captains meeting on Friday night, and fishing on Saturday. Both events will be full of awesome food, raffle prizes, and buzzing with kayak fishing friendship. Show up early and get the scoop on the hot bite, and talk fishing with the local pros. Sign up early online and claim the free bag of good stuff. Also, no need to worry about the weather, this is a rain or shine event, with the best tournament action happening under the tent in a bad weather situation. It just gives more time to hang with friends and enjoy great food, and prizes. Here is the kicker: charity, Meals on Wheels providing meals to the hungry. This is where the Big Bend Kayak Classic shines. SEE YOU THERE!

Captain Mike McNamara
St Marks Outfitters
(850) 510-7919