A Big Carbo is Killer for a Spearo!

by: Capt. Chad Carney

Many more big black groupers (known as Carbo’s) are found deep and far offshore of Central and Southwest Florida than anywhere else in the State of Florida. Carbo Country is just north of the Middle Grounds and all the way south to the Tortugas Bank and just west. They like crumbling wrecks, tight potholes, sink holes and ledges with low cracks.

Every Spearo wants to shoot a big carbo because they’re smart, they get over 100lbs, they are very photogenic, taste great, and often win tournaments!  In my hometown, the St. Pete Open, a huge tourney and unlike most others, the best aggregate stringer won’t cut it… the top carbo wins 1st place! I won it once back in the early 2000’s as did two of my buddies with 5lbs to 80lbs. that would put three in a row on my boat!

I also won top carbo in the 2006 Key West Open with a 50lb carbo and my buddy won 2nd with a couple pounds lighter at 48lbs.

however, my personal best carbo happened during my Trimix Instructor class in 200ft of water in Southwest Florida with a 127lb beast.  Dan MacMahon was aboard and shot a 90lb carbo while in his Trimix Diver class and later he shot a 135lb carbo, which is the present record!

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