Amazing Day

Capt. James Vadas

Many years ago, before I became a fishing guide I owned an automotive repair shop near Chicago. I accepted a Fred Bear Archery limited edition recurve bow for payment owed on a vehicle we repaired. It was autographed by Fred Bear and in the original box, never been used. Fast forward 10 years, it’s been sitting in my gun safe. Red tide wiped the tourist season in 2018, so I was thinking about selling it. I found one just like it on ebay which sold for $5,000. I joined a traditional hunting equipment for sale group on Facebook before I listed It for sale. I read in the comments of someone who had theirs stolen 10 years ago near Chicago. I contacted this person and explained how someone had given it to me for payment of automotive repairs. I gave the bow to his wife a few weeks later while she was visiting a relative here in Florida. I’ve been friends with him on Facebook for about a year now and few weeks ago he booked a charter with me. We were so blessed with an amazing day of fishing. Trophy size redfish. The mangrove snapper were biting like crazy, but the dolphins took more from us then we took home! I brought him back to the dock where his wife and niece were waiting there to pick him up. I asked them, How are you ladies doing? They said hungry, so I suggested that we take the boat to a restaurant on the water. We ran over and enjoyed some grouper sandwiches from the Sea Food Shack in Cortez. After dinner we stopped the boat for a few minutes for pictures of the sunset. It was dark when all got back to the dock for the second time. When he handed me 5 crispy bills I put them in my pocket. James 4:6

Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” “God bless and tight lines.”

Yours truly,

Captain James

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