Are You a Fish Head?

by Jay Striker

Many of you know that I love to fish, and I know that many of you do too. As I go from lake to lake, I get the chance to support my sponsors and one of them is SHL Lures, the makers of the brand of baits called Fish Head. I would like to take a few minutes of your time and let you all know about the new series of Fish Head Baits, how I fish them, and explain exactly what being “fish head” means.
SHL lures is located in Cartersville GA, and they are the ones behind such an awesome set of baits. The main bait that got the underspin its recognition it has today is the Fish Head Spin. The Fish Head Spin is the workhorse of all the baits as it is responsible for winning a lot of major tournaments over the last 10+ years. Anglers such as Scott Martin, Dave Lefebre, Greg Vinson, Rob Jordon, Wesley Strader and myself have all stated that Fish Head baits are winners when it comes to catching fish.
This year, Fish Head is launching a new set of baits call the Primal Series that will be coming out in the fall of 2017. The Primal Series is a three part series that consist of three of my favorite baits; The Primal Vibe, Primal Spin and the Primal Buzz. All three were showcased this year at major events such as the Bass Master Classic and ICAST 2017.
        The Primal Vibe is a jig with a vibrating blade with a Mustad hook with many colored skirts to choose from, but one of the most important factors about the bait is the signature underspin technology that simply changes the game. The way I fish this bait is any time I have a need to have a ton of vibration and flash such as in off-color water or choppy water. I also will throw it in cover and around laydowns and brush. SHL lures designed each bait in the series to have a skirt that has been modified to accommodate the underspin so that it does not interfere with the action of the bait.
        The Primal Spin is the next bait in the series and can be used as a year-round bait in all seasons and water depths as the Primal Spin functions as a spinnerbait. I use is just like one. However, the bait shines for me when I need to give the bass a changeup. When traditional spinnerbaits don’t work, I pick up the Primal Spin and show them something a little different with the underspin. That’s what usually triggers the bites and gives me and edge on the competition. I use it around docks, especially floating ones, in anywhere between 4 and 15 feet of water. The Primal Spins come in many different sizes to cover all depths. This bait is great bait for co-anglers and boaters alike.
        The Primal Buzz is the last bait of the Primal Series and is simply a hog caller. This bait has an awesome build and a unique sound that triggers some massive strikes. The first buzzbait with an underspin that is compact, makes the right sound and movement, all while representing a baitfish fleeing. This bait is my calm water bait as it flat out catches fish. I fish this around any blow downs, rip rap, docks and seawalls. I use a steady retrieve on a 7 foot medium heavy rod with a 7:1 gear ratio reel that keeps the bait at the right speed and allows me total control of the cadence when it’s hunting those big fish. The Primal Series of baits by Fish Head is a game changer and will be out soon I hope you all enjoy them.
So what is a fish head? Well let me explain it like this. If you have that one thing in the outdoors that you love to do, no matter what else is happening around you, and the outdoors brings you to that special place you call home, then you are a fish head. For many, it may be fishing from the bank or walking the trails or maybe just sitting in a tree stand. You see, being a fish head is not just one thing. It’s being in a state of mind and doing what you love as your getaway, that special place with no cares in the world. Fishing is my space, and if you too have a special space in the outdoors, then I guess you are a “Fish Head” for those who call the outdoors home.
I hope each one of you get the chance to check out these new baits this fall. The Primal Vibe can be picked up at your local Dick’s, and the Primal Spin and Buzz can be picked up at your local dealers. Good luck, and I will see you on the water.