Backcountry Extreme Fishing Forecast – January

January brings thoughts of black drum, triple tail, and spotted sea trout, plus schools of tailing redfish to fill the fishing agenda. These species are great table fare and offer an exciting day of fishing.

Look for schools of black drum around structure bridges, rocky points, and inlets. You can also find them in large schools out on the open flats. You’ll find they are willing to feed on a variety of baits like crab, shrimp, cut lady fish or mullet. And they put up a great fight on lite tackle.

Triple Tail are a prehistoric fish with what appears to be three tails. Look for them around trapline floats, floating grass lines or any type of floating debris. Look for them to lay up on one side floating along with whatever debris they set up on. Try throwing a shrimp or shrimp imitation up past them and slowly work it in the strike zone. Hold on for some screaming action, they can put a fantastic fight. A word of caution they have razor sharp gill plates and sharp fins – be careful when handling them.

Redfish will and can be found prowling the open flats in schools and will readily feed on a well placed bait. If they appear spooky throw your bait out in front of the school and let them swim to it. If your throwing cut bait like crab, lady fish or pin fish throwing well in front and behind the school will pay off when you hook one in most cases the school will turn around and run back the way they came. Sea trout will tend to stay in an area where the water temperature tends to be slightly warmer so keep an eye on your temperature gauge. If you don’t have a temperature gauge tie a string on a pool thermometer and hang it off the side of your boat.