Backcountry Fishing

By: Capt. Travis Freeman

It’s June, so you know it’s hot and the water temperatures are up into the mid 80’s and this means the fish activity has been really amazing and the bite has been great early in the morning and late in the afternoons after the summer rain storms. Snook are all over the place, they move a lot during the summer months with the rain and all the moving bait fish. As the big female snook head out the rivers and passes. They make their way to the open gulf as they prepare to spawn over the summer months into the early fall, so what I’m getting at is the BIG SNOOK fishing has been great! Using a live white bait 3” to 4” hooked with a number #3 or #4 circle hook. I use about 3ft of 40lb fluorocarbon leader tied to 30lb power pro braided line. I like using a popping cork about 2 1/2 feet about the hook. This also works great while for fishing for red fish on the oyster bars in the shallow bays and Backcountry’s of the Everglades National Park, but if I’m fishing anything deeper then 4 or 5ft I will always put a 1/4oz egg weight just above the hook to help hold that live bait or dead shrimp on the bottom in the strong tide. I have been fishing this area since I could walk! I am blessed to call this beautiful place my home and now my 2 children get to learn just how much this amazing place has to over. Being a 4th generation local has definitely taught me how and where to catch these awesome saltwater fish but with fishing, I feel you never can learn too much about the area, the tides, moon phases, the wind and so much more that effects the fishing and how good or how poor fishing is that day. Also, it is not always all about fishing, I offer sunset tours, shelling on the beautiful beaches along the gulf coastline and wreck fishing, but most important it’s about the memories and friendships maybe along the way! Give me a call or check out my website and book your bucket list fishing trip in the Backcountry!