Banana River Lagoon Fishing Forecast & No Motor Zone – August

The early bird gets the worm – this saying seems to apply to so many things in life. It can also apply to fishing. During the hot summer months of August, anglers will want to be prepared before getting out on the water. Typically, anglers will find that the best time to catch fish during the hot summer months is at first light or at night. To have a successful trip one will need to do a little preparing. First, make sure that your equipment such as rod and reels, safety equipment and your boat is in tip top shape. Having a well-organized approach will be the best way to bring a fish boat side.

When fishing inshore, anglers can expect to catch some nice trout fishing along the flats. This is especially true when fishing with a stealth like approach. Small top water lures will work well when fishing near schools of bait fish in the Banana River. This is especially true when fishing during low light conditions or under a full moon which occurs on August 7th. Many of these trout will be targeting an easy meal such as Rapala’s saltwater X-Rap or small scented jerk baits (Bass Assassin’s ¼ ounce Sea Shad combo electric chicken). These lures will work well in water depths of 4 feet or less. Fishing lures slowly will increase one’s chances of catching a nice sized trout.

In addition, anglers can expect to catch a few nice snook during low light conditions. Live shrimp or scented jerk baits will work well for these hard fighting fish. Rigging these baits on a 7-foot medium action spinning reel combo equipped with 25 pound test braided line and 20 pound test mono leader will be enough to bring a snook to the boat. According to the FWC, snook season is closed from June 1st until August 31st.