Banana River Lagoon Fishing Forecast & No Motor Zone – May

To begin with, the early morning trout bite should be very good throughout our region. Anglers can expect for these tasty fish to aggressively strike at live shrimp, small bait fish such as mullet, or small top water lures. This is especially true when fishing these baits along the flats. Trout are most active during low light conditions such as during the first few hours of the day as well as the last hour of the day. When targeting trout it is important to have the right equipment in order to bring one to the boat. I suggest using a 7 foot medium action spinning reel combo equipped with 20 pound test braided line and 15 pound test mono leader. Anglers should keep in mind that trout have excellent eye sight and can be easily spooked. To overcome this, anglers should make long accurate casts to a targeted area. When fishing with artificial lures like Rapala’s X-Rap Saltwater Sub Walk (silver or gold olive) it will be important to have a slow retrieve and allowing the bait fish to move in a side to side motion like a wounded bait fish. During this time of year some of these trout can measure up to 20 inches long.

In addition, several nice reds can also be caught throughout our region. One way to do this is to sight cast your bait to a tailing fish. This is especially true when conditions are calm. Anglers will find that casting a live shrimp directly in front of a tailing fish will be a great way to hook up with a red. Anglers should keep in mind that large bull reds have been known to feed and can be caught throughout our area during the month of May. Some of these reds can measure over 40 inches long.