Banana River Lagoon & No Motor Zone Forecast – March

Spring is here! This brings in another new season of angling opportunities along Florida’s Space Coast. During the month of March, anglers will have a wide variety of game fish to choose from, many trophy catches are waiting for that lure to swim by…

During the early morning and mid-morning hours, angers will want to fish along the flats. Throughout this area, fish such as trout or redfish will be in search of an easy meal. One of the best ways to attract one of these fish into biting is to use a noisy surface or sub surface lure. One of my favorite lures is Rapala’s X-RAP Saltwater Sub Walk (07). This lure is built to cast to a targeted area, find and still catch fish. It has a side to side swimming action just below the surface of the water. Also, it is slow sinking which allows anglers to fish the lure longer in the targeted area. Anglers will find that using this lure during calm conditions will be best when fishing in 4 feet of water or less. During this time of year many of our trout can measure up to 20” and redfish can measure above the legal slot size limit of 18 to 27”.

Also, anglers can experience some of the best explosive top water action in our region near the port. One fish that can do this is the jack crevalle (Caranx hippos). Jacks typically feed on small bait fish at the surface of the water. A sure fire way to catch one of these fish is to use a noisy top water that has plenty of action such like Rapala’s Saltwater Skitter Walk. Did you know that the state record for a jack is 57 pounds?