Bassmaster Elite Series 2017

Like I mentioned on Page 1 of our local section, Bassmaster’s “Elite Series” is coming to Upstate NY this summer, what can be bigger in the fishing world than that. The Bassmaster Elite Series is the highest level of professional bass fishing tournaments. ESPN will be providing national television coverage. The Village of Waddington hosts a 4-day river festival called to entertain, feed, and highlight the great fishing that attracted the event to our majestic river. They chose The Angler Magazine to reach out to YOU!! The fishermen of Upstate NY to join the festivities, and help support this big time fishing event.

In 2015 when the “Elite Series” came to the St. Lawrence and Waddington they set an attendance record with over 30,000 spectators. This year they are poised to break that, and YOU can help make it happen. Bassmaster’s has returned due to the excellent fishing and the local participation. The marshal seat that we will help giveaway (see Uncle Sams ad below) to a lucky Upstate NY angler is the ultimate in fan participation. The local organizers were insistent that we created a venue that showcased the river, and got a local angler in a marshal seat.

While taking your cruise on Uncle Sams Boat Tours or visiting Alexandria Bay to enter into this once in a lifetime contest, take the short and pleasant drive up the river. Scout out arrangements for the Waddington Party and find some new fishing spots along the way. Make it a family event. In a time when we need to find interactive outdoor events for our youth, the village party and Bassmaster event function perfectly, and provides great entertainment for everyone. Whether you make it a day trip, or stay over for one or several nights, we owe it to ourselves as Upstate NY outdoor enthusiasts to show our support by simply joining the fun!! What’s even better is the is FREE to all. The Angler Magazine has been fortunate to add over a dozen new sponsors in the St. Lawrence Region to provide our readers with fishing supplies and information, lodging, breakfast,lunch and dinner options for everyone’s budget.

The Angler Magazine will continue to expand the coverage in the July issue featuring a national story on the great bass fishing the St. Lawrence River provides. Just last year a NY angler broke the NYS smallmouth bass record with an astounding 9 lb. specimen. No wonder why the Bassmaster’s is returning, and you should too. If you have been fortunate to fish this fabled jewel, you are familiar with not only top-notch small and largemouth bass fishing, the region is world renowned for musky, northern pike, all sorts of panfish and a walleye fishery that is virtually untapped.

If you want to learn more about this wonderful river, this 4-day event and June long entry to win a marshal seat are a perfect venue to explore this historic region that truly provides a world-class fishery to boot. That’s why the Bassmaster “Elite Series” has returned. Let’s prove them right!!