Beware of the Heat!

Dolphin are the summer favorite.
Dolphin are the summer favorite.

Boy, the weather is getting hot! At this time of year you need to stay aware of the dangers of a hot summer day or night. Drinking water should keep you safe, but when moisture has evaporated from your body, electrolytes also leave your body. You need to replace those electrolytes by consuming some brand of sports drink, such as Gatorade. Drinking sodas and beer don’t count.

Bouncer's Tip of the Month

If you feel off your game, get your boat moving to create a breeze and wet down your shirt to create evaporation cooling. If you or anyone on your boat feels the least bit sick or off their game, don’t waste time! Get them cool! NOW!
When in doubt about their recovery or yours, seek immediate medical help. Extreme summer heat can sneak up on you fast and can be deadly. By the way, although not as common, I have seen people hurt by dehydration after dark too. Be sure to drink plenty of water, no matter when you are fishing in the heat of summer.
If your dog is fishing with you, don’t forget to bring plenty of water for them. Dogs need lots of fresh water and shade.
Stay cool and hydrated and don’t forget your sunscreen! I hope you catch a lot of fish this summer.

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