Boat Cruise Fishing – Simple Fun for Everyone

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Sometimes the simplest fishing trips bring out the most smiles. That’s the fishing mission at both Bolton Boat Tours and ADK Cruise and Charter Co. Both Lake George and Saratoga Lake provide summer fisheries that bring out those smiles, and each of these well-managed boat lake cruises deliver a safe environment with decades of experience and lake knowledge.

Bolton Boat Tours is located on a pleasant, picturesque, post card worthy boat landing at Treasure Cove Resort in Bolton Landing on Lake George. This convenient location is located just feet from hungry bass, that are eager to put a smile on any angler’s face. There mantra is “Where Luxury Meets Recreation!”, and they have the equipment, experience and location to back up that claim. Their main business is fun-packed adventures while touring the Queen of American Lakes, which includes tubing, rock jumping, swimming and lake touring on their versatile, multi-purpose, high performance vessels. Each morning and evening they provide family fishing trips when the boat traffic is lighter and the fish are hungry.

Captain Ted (who has decades of experience as a Lake George fishing charter), and his family run this operation that ensures a safe and supervised experience so everyone can relax and enjoy. Captain Tim has soaked up a lifetime of his fathers’ knowledge and they are willing to help teach you and your family the basics and provide hands-on instruction guiding your party to their “fish-holding spots”, while you sit back and relish your family vacation. Lake George, because of its clarity and thick concentrations of bass is the perfect environment to learn “how-to” fish, and Captains Ted and Tim are ideally suited with patience and willingness to provide that instruction. Captain Ted’s daughter Kathleen will help you coordinate your tour and “Customize Your Itinerary”. Just call them at 518-955-1349 and arrange your trip today, it’s that simple. You can also view an idea of the fun-filled adventures on their website at, or at Instagram and Facebook.

ADK Cruise and Charter Company is located on the North end of Saratoga Lake at a spacious marina with lots of convenient drive-up parking. Their 22’ custom pontoon boat, coupled with the eagerness of Saratoga Lake’s dense populations of bass, pike, and panfish provide the perfect venue for any angler, especially the entry level or novice. Some of the best crappie and bluegill fishing that Angler Frankie regularly enjoys is with-in 100 yards from the ADK Cruise handsome location. Countless fish holding weed lines can be pleasantly visited while touring around this picturesque lake, and your fishing tour can be mixed with swimming and other fun designed to your wishes. Morning or evening trips are ideal for those visiting Saratoga Springs during horse racing season. ADK Cruises also features a large 50 ‘classic fantail that can safely and comfortably handle parties up to 25. Visit their website to view the plethora of trips they provide that offers something for everyone!

Lake George and Saratoga Lake can be enjoyed by everyone thanks to the professionals at Bolton boat Tours and ADK Cruise and Charters. Accommodations for handicapped, elderly and youths in a safe, fun-filled experience can be scheduled easily. ENJOY THE SUMMER!