Bottom Time- St Aug. Offshore

Bottom time

It was fun while it lasted. Spring is gone and it is time to stow the blue water gear and pick up the bottom tackle.. We are blessed with great fishing for a variety of snapper species. The most commonly caught (other than Red Snapper) are Vermillion, Mangrove and Mutton. Vermillion are the most plentiful and easiest to catch. Drop a hook baited with squid or cut bait on any structure deeper than 80 ft. and you’re in business.

Mangrove and Mutton can be a little trickier. I like 40 to 80-pound monofilament leaders around 10 to 15ft in length. Live sardines are the best bait but chunk of cut grunt works equally as well. Use just enough weight to get to the bottom. It doesn’t hurt to have your bait drift or walk along the bottom with the tide. Mangrove snapper like big ledges and wrecks in 80 to 120 ft.  Always anchor up current of the spot. Mutton snapper prefer the perimeter of the reef and bite best when there is some tide. They are usually found deeper than Mangrove and prefer 140 to 160 ft.

Grouper are available in June as are Cobia and Amberjack. Large live baits fished on the bottom is the way to go. You can expect to find those 3 species anywhere from 80 to 180ft.

If you are a diehard troller there will still be a few Mahi around. Look for floating debris or weed and you will find them. They tend to be smaller as the summer progresses so match your tackle accordingly.

Calm seas are the norm so take advantage and Go fishing.

Captain Robert Johnson

Jodie Lynn Charters