Capt. Yard Irish Knots Mexico Bay Report

As I write this Report, we face another one of our bigger snow threats of the season.

Another arctic blast, followed by warming temps! This has been a typical cycle for the past few months in Central New York. The Adirondack Region and local snow belts received 300 plus inches of snow so far, which should hopefully provide plenty of run off to ignite our spring fishery. Hopefully the creeks and rivers pushing warmer, dirty water into the lake will invite the brown trout to our shorelines!

We launched the “LIL KNOTS” for a shake down in late February, as we were blessed with 60 degree temperatures and relatively calm waters. So, we took advantage and worked some of the Eastern Basin’s shoreline, looking for some of those spring browns, steelhead, or shallow lake trout. Cold, clear water kept us searching, only finding minimal colored water and temps of 36.5-38 degrees. Mini icebergs were a nuisance but we worked our way through them.

Since we fished the lake, we’ve had some exceptional winds tossing Lake Ontario waves nearly 14-feet high and cold temperatures turning some shoreline properties into ice sculptures… These winds will obviously stir the water and give us some of the colored water us spring fishermen look for. Things continue to look up as our April fishery quickly approaches!

Challenger Lures

It’s not every year we get to fish in February or March, never mind launch “Irish Knots” for the season. March 9th was our launch date in 2016 but it’s looking more like the last week of March this year (weather pending).

I’ve heard a few reports that the fishing was decent with some early spring browns to the West, and a few browns caught in the East – still very early and cold water.

April showers will be upon us shortly so that should help set us up for what we need to pin point these spring browns. Until this weather breaks, stay tuned and follow us on Facebook @ “Irish Knots Sport Fishing” for updates!

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