Carters Lake

Carters Lake
Carters Lake

by Eric Crowley

Water temperature: 57-60 degrees, lake level: full +/- 5 feet, clarity: 3-5 feet.

After a short-lived winter, Carters is showing signs that it’s going to be a great spring. Time to dust off the Hydro Glow and turn the night green.

The bait is pretty thick and schooled up all over the lake. The stripers are in the creeks feeding on the herring and threadfin as they move from the backs of the creeks towards the main lake as the sun comes up. Flat lines and planers are the ticket. I like to use long leaders and smaller circle hooks as the water on the surface can be really clear at times. Woodring Branch, Beach Creek and the area around Ridgeway have all had some great striper action lately.

The walleye are in the creeks and also around the river mouth and have been eating the live bait too. Some no snag sinkers and 12-pound leader is the rig and keep moving on the banks and ledges in 14 to 40 feet of water.

As far as the spotted bass go, if you want to catch big spots, now is the time. Lots of 4-pound fish are being boated.