Georgia Fishing

July Fly Fishing Report

by Henry Cowen June proved to be a sensational month for topwater spotted bass and even some small stripers. Conditions … June 30, 2017

Relax, Slow Down and Fish

by Jay Striker Many times in the world of tournament bass fishing, I find myself getting fired up as the … June 30, 2017

Lake Lanier in July – Summer Fun!

by Jimbo Mathley Depending on the water temperatures, there are several techniques you can utilize to stay on top of … June 30, 2017

Keep Your Head Up and NEVER Give Up…

by Ryan Kennedy As a tournament fisherman, I must be in a constant mindset that any cast or flip could … June 30, 2017

Full Moon


Tension in Fly Casting?

by Rene Hesse Most of us want to, ‘get away’ from the stress of everyday life and go fly fish. … June 30, 2017

Ole’ Good Dog

by Noey Vineyardz Every farm or ranch has one, at least every properly run farm or ranch does. They aren’t … June 30, 2017


Lake Burton

by Wes Carlton Water temperature: 76 degrees, level: full pool, clarity: clear. Bass: The bass are on their summer pattern … June 30, 2017

Lake Blue Ridge

Forecast By: Shane Goebel,  Big Ol’ Fish Guiding Service & The Angler Magazine Fishing Team Lakes Nottely, Chatuge, Blue Ridge … June 30, 2017

Lake Nottely Stripers

Forecast By: Shane Goebel Big Ol’ Fish Guiding Service & The Angler Magazine Fishing Team Lakes Apalachia, Chatuge, Nottely, Blue … June 30, 2017
Lake Chatuge

Lake Chatuge

By Eric Welch         Water temperature: 76-77 degrees, lake level: 1 foot above full pool, water clarity: clear. The lake … June 30, 2017