Cedar Key

Cedar Key – April Fishing Report


Hey there folks,

I hope y’all are loving this Spring weather, because the fish surely are! The trout bite in Cedar Key is as good as it gets. The grass is starting to come back great right now and with the water temps rising fast, it will keep growing. Just about all the flats in to 2 to 4 feet, of water will hold fish. Keeper fish will congregate on certain flats that hold the most bait, so don’t be afraid to move around till you catch a few keepers in an area. The B52 Super Sounder corks rigged with a Saltwater Assassin jig are great search baits. Don’t forget to pop these rigs, because they rattle for a reason.

The redfish bite is getting better every day. The creeks east of Cedar Key are pretty good right now, as the fish are making their move from the holes to the creek mouths.  They should be gathering on the points that have good oyster or rocks. Be careful if you decide to head that way, because it is very rocky. The grass points toward Suwannee will also be loading up. Same as to the east, the points that have some oyster on them seem to hold the high numbers of fish.  Good luck folks, and like I always say, “Get outside and enjoy what God has made for us.”

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Capt.Jimbo Keith