Certain Things Are Fitting

By Frank Geremski, Publisher Upstate NY Angler Magazine

Certain things are fitting. Like the Yankees winning the World Series. Richard Beauchamp being the current NYS record holder for brook trout is a fitting accomplishment. During my lifetime of pursuing brook trout throughout the Adirondacks, the name of Beauchamp has come up endless times. You would here of rumors that Beauchamp going into a ADK pond, highlighting that it must have huge trout. When he caught his 6-lb. state record in Silver Lake of Hamilton County in May 2013, it was fitting for many reasons. It was deserving for a man who has hiked all throughout this majestic park, walking countless miles pursuing this species since childhood, that this type of record was not a fluke. Mr. Beauchamp earned his recognition by researching and fishing many different waters. It’s a passion that I am lucky to share with him, and recently we sat down and discussed ADK brook trout fishing so he could share with our readers some of his techniques and tactics.

Q – What motivated you to fish Silver Lake where you caught your record brookie, it’s quite a hike and wasn’t known for great fishing?

A –    I had a good relationship with Richard Preall when he was the fishery biologist for this region and we discussed him adding it to the stocking list, I hunted the area and saw the water was supporting better life and it had a good tint. He added it to the stocking, I returned several years later and was rewarded with many brook trout over 5 lbs. for several years. You catch quite a few of them when you find them and your presentation is right.

Q – What is your presentation? Do you stick with the same set-up?

A – Yes. I use the same set-up when I fish brook trout ponds, the method works for big fish consistently. I slowly troll Lake Clear Wobbler’s and fish them very deep. Usually in the deeper parts of the ponds. Spots I have had good success in the past. The same spots produce big fish. If the bite is slow, I will keep letting out more line to keep contact near the bottom. If the drift/troll speeds up, I slow it down with my oars. When you get it right and hook a large brookie, usually other large fish will be caught in that or close to that spot. I use 8lb main line and a 18-20 inch 6lb Maxima Chameleon leader behind the Silver/Copper Lake Clear Wabbler, with a small strip of red prism tape in the middle. I often use a whole worm, or I may use ½ with the head of the worm split off. Trial and error, often dependent if the pond has leeches for them to feed on.

Q – How many brook trout over 5 lbs. have you caught in the ADK’s?

A –    Many, probably between 50-100. Some ponds don’t produce them that big, just a few ponds, but we catch plenty over 3 lbs. Brooktrout Lake in the Moose River Plains has been fishing well, but the big fish there are in the 4 lb. range.

Q –  Do you have a favorite time of year, or time of day that produces the best?

A – I do best in the first few weeks of July. The fish are concentrated in the deepest spots, makes the pond smaller, and the fish are easier to find. Early in the season can be slower, but I will be fishing Sargents Pond early in the season. That was the last pond that Richard Preall reclaimed in 2013 before he retired. Sargent’s fished well last year with the brookies in the 16-17” range. My best action occurs between 11am-3pm.

Q –  Most ADK brook trout fishermen are tight lipped on giving out information, what motivates you to share your life learned tactics?

A –     It would be difficult for the state to justify stocking and taking care of these waters if nobody was utilizing them. The really good ponds are quite a hike into the woods, if someone is motivated enough to put in the effort, I’d like to see them catch nice fish. The brook trout fishing we have in the ADK’s is excellent, and I would like that to continue, and improve through the efforts of the DEC.

Q – Any other ponds that our readers should consider?

A –  The best tool is to check the stocking list @ www.dec.ny.gov. Get to know some of these ponds. Some ponds to consider are Horn Lake, Middle Settlement, Middle Branch, Chubb Lake, Queer Lake, Barnes Pond, Puffer Pond, Twin Pond, Hour Pond, Loomis Pond, Wilcox Lake, G Lake, Northrup, which is quite a hike. North and South Lake in Herkimer County are roadside and can produce nice fish. Just like anywhere, when you find a spot on the pond that is producing, stick on that spot and work it.